Monday, November 15, 2010

About Danielle


Danielle is a senior Communication Arts major with a minor in Theater Arts.  Her three biggest childhood passions, animals, music and theater, continue to drive her today.  She plans to use her Communications Arts major in the non-profit field, chiefly in advocacy surrounding factory farming and animal rights.

Artist Statement:

A few years ago I could not have predicted that my senior thesis would be about farming.  I was a singer/actress who wanted the artistic spotlight.  While these are still significant interests of mine, something bigger has gripped me and turned my life around: factory farming.  This term, synonymous with CAFO (concentrated animal feed operations) refers to large-scale farms where hundreds of thousands of animals are kept in cruel confinement.
I have been a vegetarian for nearly seven years, and considered myself to be well educated about where meat really came from.  I was wrong.   Recently, after reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer I gained further knowledge and adopted a vegan lifestyle.  It is no longer enough for me to simply change my own diet.  This is where my senior thesis comes in.  If I could have any wish it would be to see the eradication of inhumane factory farming.  On a smaller scale, it is my hope to generate awareness surrounding this issue within the Gordon community.  To do so, I have formed a blog, written short opinion pieces and hosted a screening of the documentary “Peaceable Kingdom”.
 I would like to use my Communication Arts education in a way that brings God’s kingdom on Earth.  The passion I have for this cause is greater than any other I have had and I don’t plan to waste it.  It is my belief that factory farms have thrived due to either apathy or ignorance (I choose to believe it is the latter).  It is my goal then to join the many other activists in making sure no one is ignorant of where their food comes from.